Commit 87fbdc0f authored by Julian Trischler's avatar Julian Trischler

Generating HTML version of source code with make.

When generating the documentation via 'make doc' the HTML version of the Ada
source code is generated, too. 'pygmentize' is used therefor. Indeed, it has
some bugs:

1.) Raising exceptions with directly passed error detail messages aren't
    highlighted correctly, they're treated as corrupted strings till the
    very last end string quotation mark in the source code file.
        raise Error with "Description";

2.) Range definitions are highlighted as broken floating point numbers.
        for I in 1..2 loop

Therefore I generated the HTML version with Kile.
parent ac3a23c5
......@@ -13,11 +13,15 @@ wie_schbaed: wie_schbaed.adb
all: wie_schbaed doc
doc: readme.html
doc: readme.html wie_schbaed.html
readme.html: readme.rst
rst2html readme.rst > readme.html
wie_schbaed.html: wie_schbaed.adb
# colorful, default
pygmentize -f html -o wie_schbaed.html -O full,style=default,linenos=1,encoding=utf8,tabsize=4 wie_schbaed.adb
rm wie_schbaed.o wie_schbaed.ali
......@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>-- This program displays the given time in Swabian. --</span></i>
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>-- --</span></i>
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>-- This software was written by Julian 'Lyse' Trischler on June 18th 2010 --</span></i>
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>-- and is published under Do-The-Fuck-You-Want-To-Public-License. --</span></i>
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>-- and is published under Do-What-The-Fuck-You-Want-To-Public-License. --</span></i>
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>-- --</span></i>
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>-- Version 0.8 (2010-06-18) --</span></i>
<i><span style='color:#808080;'>----------------------------------------------------------------------------</span></i>
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