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Add screenshots for composing and previewing twts

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......@@ -39,15 +39,15 @@ conversations, a ` <>`_ extension. It is also
possible to post twts or replies. The heavy lifting is still done by the
reference implementation, especially fetching and storing the *twtxt.txt* files
in a local cache. ``tt`` just uses ``twtxt``'s *~/.config/twtxt/cache.db* for
all the twts to show. In a data file *~/.local/share/twtxt/data.db* the read
all the twts to show. In the data file *~/.local/share/twtxt/data.db* the read
status of each twt is recorded. Both files can be changed in the configuration
file *~/.config/twtxt/config* with `twtxt.cachefile` and `twtxt.datafile`. The
data file used to be at *~/.config/twtxt/cache2.db*. The following settings
file *~/.config/twtxt/config* with ``twtxt.cachefile`` and ``twtxt.datafile``.
The data file used to be at *~/.config/twtxt/cache2.db*. The following settings
from the original twtxt configuration file are supported:
* `twtxt.nick`
* `twtxt.twtfile`
* `twtxt.twturl`
* ``twtxt.nick``
* ``twtxt.twtfile``
* ``twtxt.twturl``
Hell no, you say!? Oh yes, you're absolutely right, it's a terrible mess. But
the good news is, it will all change in the future™. I plan on refactoring it
......@@ -71,8 +71,17 @@ Well, here you are, you survived the *Warning* section above (or just skipped
it, because you were drawn to colorful pictures), that's how ``tt`` currently
looks like:
.. image:: tt.png
:alt: tt's main view, the conversations
.. figure:: tt.png
``tt``'s main view, the conversations.
.. figure:: reply.png
The reply form with the twt to reply to shown above as reference.
.. figure:: preview.png
The crude preview of the new twt to proofread.
......@@ -89,13 +98,14 @@ Features
* Links and subjects have colors, too.
* Indicate twt read status.
* Highlight missing conversation roots.
* Configurable in *~/.config/twtxt/config*
* Very basic Vi navigation.
* Read status for twts.
* Open and copy links in URL view.
* Folding of mentions and twtxt subject hashes.
* Subject hashes can be hidden.
* Compose new or reply twts.
* Compose and preview new or reply twts.
......@@ -110,8 +120,8 @@ TODO
* Killfiles.
* Configuration:
* In a dedicated file, not in code.
* Define colors and key bindings.
* Everything in twtxt's config file, not in code.
* Define more colors and key bindings.
* Ability to show the txt's raw text.
* Manage subscriptions.

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