1. 13 Apr, 2020 7 commits
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      Update German translations · 9d426488
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      Update translation template · 3cff6650
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      Fix websocket bug on event move · f24a97f0
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      When an event was moved both to another day and also time of day three
      HTTP requests were fired by the websocket support:
      1. PUT event under new date, but with still old time of day
      2. DELETE event
      3. PUT event with new time of day
      This obviously lead to the problem where subsequent event updates such
      as request 3 failed with HTTP 404 Not Found. So, operations 1 and 2 need
      to be changed, the event needs to be first removed before it is added to
      solve this:
      1. DELETE event
      2. PUT event under new date but with still old time of day
      3. PUT event with new time of day
      However, another problem manifested right away. Reqest 3 always overtook
      request 2, resulting in an HTTP 400 Bad Request for the earlier arriving
      partial update request, as the expected new event is not complete. The
      last arriving new event request succeeded, so one would think that
      eventually things automatically healed themselves. However the event
      still contained the old time of day, thus the shown event information
      were in fact wrong.
      I've no idea why requests didn't arrive in sending order. I verified
      that they are queued for sending in the correct order. I can only
      imagine that the partial update is quite a bit shorter than the new
      event request and this somehow leads to a race either on the wire or in
      the network access manager itself. Whatever. The network access manager
      can send up to six requests in parallel, however there's no builtin
      mechanism to change this:
      > Note: QNetworkAccessManager queues the requests it receives. The
      > number of requests executed in parallel is dependent on the protocol.
      > Currently, for the HTTP protocol on desktop platforms, 6 requests are
      > executed in parallel for one host/port combination.
      – https://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-4.8/qnetworkaccessmanager.html#details
      See the code comments for details on this change.
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      Add nicer debug output · 2148eb30
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      Add more TODOs · 7886768d
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      Compact personal weekly schedule · e8185c05
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      * widen table to use available space, top and bottom page margins are
        reduced to one centimeter, too in order to match left and right
      * reduce table header to only a single row, the date from the line below
        is now moved up into the same as the weekday
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  10. 11 Jun, 2016 3 commits
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      Implement morphing of events to Service and Action · 99f0bd01
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      Sometimes the operator wants to create an action but instead he creates
      a service or vice versa. This can be kept unnoticed for quite some time.
      Previously one had to either change the JSON manually or remove the
      event and recreate it by hand with the correct event type – hopefully.
      This commits adds the possibility to morph events into the other event
      type directly. It is available in both the context menu and main menu.
      Also add the translations.
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      Make ² work in LaTeX exports · 728fd427
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      When both Manu W. and Manu T. are the people mainly responsible for an
      action I just want to write „HV: Manu²“ but this broke the LaTeX export.
  11. 26 Jun, 2015 3 commits
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